Foreign visitors

All foreign visitors must be associated with a project, discipline, or event at UEM in order to be formally associated with the institution.


      Before or immediately after arrival:
  • Request the host inclusion in any project, course, discipline, or other formally registered activities at UEM. (Extension Projects accept participants from the external community, according to Res. 040/97 - CEP)

  • Exceptional cases or cases related to internationalization must also be included in the project Ações de Internacionalização (4546/2016 - DEX, under ECI’s coordination), must have a pre-defined duration period (e.g., 30/03/2017 to 15/04/2017) and must be requested towards ECI.
  • Fill in the registration form: Portuguese or English

Postgraduate students

After or immediately before arrival:

  • Acceptance letter from the department/advisor chosen
  • Request visa: Any activities requiring an academic register (RA) at UEM will also require a consular visa.


The visa is the document granted by Consular Representations of Brazil abroad that allows the entry and residence of foreigners in the national territory, in case law requirements are all completed.

To apply for a visa, foreigners must submit the visa application form suitably completed, a valid travel document, proof of payment of consular fees, International Certificate of Immunization - when necessary -, and other specific documents for the type of visa requested.

We remind you that, in order to obtain a Foreign National Registration (RNE) with the Brazilian Federal Police, which is required to receive an Academic Registration (RA), you will need a visa number. Therefore, even if you come from a visa exempt country, it will be required for activities within UEM.

Apply for a visa!

Apply for your visa! Foreigners who want to apply for a visa to travel to Brazil should contact the Brazilian Representations abroad to obtain more information about the subject. Click here to access the full list of the Brazilian Consulates network or here for contact information of the Immigration Division (DIM). They are responsible for coordinating the issuance of Brazilian visas abroad.

Click here to apply for a Brazilian visa.

  • Request your host to include you in any project, course, subject or other formally registered activity at UEM. (Extension projects accept participants who are not within the university community - Resolution Projeto DEX)

After your arrival:

  • Go to International Cooperation Office (ECI) for regularization and make an appointment at a Brazilian Federal Police office.
  • Fill in the Registration Form.


UEM Foreign Visitors at UEM

Foreign visitors’ registration chart.