Undergraduation courses, Master's and Doctoral degrees at UEM

Courses at UEM


 The State University of Maringá (UEM) offers 80 undergraduate courses, 40 of which are held in the main campus (Maringá/PR); 01 in Câmpus Regional de Arenito (Cidade Gaúcha/PR); 04 in Câmpus Regional de Cianorte (Cianorte/PR); 04 in Câmpus Regional de Goioerê (Goioerê/PR); 03 in Câmpus Regional do Vale do Ivaí (Ivaiporã/PR); 08 in Câmpus Regional de Umuarama (Umuarama PR); also offers 09 courses through the Distance Education program; 09 through the PARFOR program; 01 through the Program of Pedagogical Training (Modalidade Programa); 01 through the Special Class program (Modalidade Turma Especial). Four elective disciplines ministered in English are offered at the Economics and the Pharmacy undergraduate courses.

The university also offers 50 post-graduation programs in which 32 disciplines given in foreign languages, mainly English.

Undergraduate courses

Masters and Doctors courses