Mobility Incoming

How to apply:

  1. Mobility is only possible for institutions which are in partnership with UEM.
  2. Be able to take courses ministered in Portuguese.



Through the International Cooperation Office of your university, apply for ECI-EMU application for mobility, via e-mail, eci-mob@uem.br or mobility@uem.br, and send the following documents:



For activities that require a UEM Academic Register (RA), a requirement of a consular visa will be necessary.

A Visa is a document made available by Representações Consulares do Brasil () abroad which enables the incoming of foreigners to Brazil, once the legal conditions are in compliance.

In case a Foreigner citizen wants to apply for a Visa, one must present a Visa Requirement filled in duly, valid travel document, a receipt of consular fees, International Immunization Certificate. Other documents may be required, and they may vary according to the visa type.

It is essential to remind that in order to obtain the National Registry of Foreigners at the Federal Police - mandatory for the receipt of the Academic Register (RA), a visa number is required. Therefore, even for countries where there is no visa prerequisite, for activities at UEM, it must be obtained. 


Apply for your Visa!

Foreign citizens who wish to obtain a visa to travel to Brazil should contact the Brazilian Consulates  abroad (to obtain more information about the application. To access the complete list of  Brazilian Consulates Network or click here for further information about the Immigration Division (DIM), the area responsible for coordination and issue of Visas abroad. 

Click here to apply for a Brazilian Visa.  

After your arrival:

  • Go to International Cooperation Office (ECI) for regularization and make an appointment at a Brazilian Federal Police office.
  • Fill in the Registration Form.